Generic Mail IDs of SEBI

To: Principal Officers & Compliance Officers of all APMI Members +

Non-Members + Portfolio Managers Not Registered with APMI

Subject: Generic Mail IDs of SEBI

Date: 8th December 2023

Dear All,For efficient monitoring and tracking compliance, SEBI has created the following generic email ids for all registered PMS where they can file/send different types of documents/information to SEBI.


Request, please refer to the table below for details:

Sr. No.

Email ID

Types of the Document sent by PMS to SEBI through this email id

Timeline for filing before SEBI


[email protected]

Disclosure Document

At the time of granting fresh registration and In case there is any Material Change (as per the format enclosed)


[email protected]

(i)     Correspondence with SEBI with regard to applications filed in SEBI for PMS related activities only

(ii)    Monthly Report submission pertaining to Coinvestment, since the provision of uploading the data is not enabled in SI Portal.

(iii)   Intimation with respect to revision, if any, of

Monthly Report Submission on

SI Portal

(iv)  Email

Acknowledgement from PMS

on receipt of original certificate/letters

from SEBI                                                                                      

Ongoing basis

Please note:

  1. Henceforth all the aforesaid documents are to be sent on these email ids only and not on the email id of any SEBI Official.
  2. No physical correspondence in this regard shall be entertained by SEBI.
  3. Non-Submission of the same within the timelines mentioned shall be construed non-compliance by the PMS.
  4. Physical copies of the Disclosure Documents and any other documents sent to SEBI on these email ids are required to be retained by the PMS as part of record keeping in terms of SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 2020 or as informed by SEBI from time to time.



Warm Regards

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