Registration of Investment Advisers – Online Dispute Resolution portal

Notice Dated  :  07/09/2023

Sub.  :  Registration of Investment Advisers – Online Dispute Resolution portal. 

Attention of Investment Advisers is drawn to BASL circular no. 20230810-1 dated August 10, 2023 on the captioned subject wherein reference to SEBI circular nos. SEBI/HO/OIAE/OIAE_IAD-1/P/CIR/2023/131 dated July 31, 2023 and SEBI/HO/OIAE/OIAE_IAD-1/P/CIR/2023/135 dated August 04, 2023 have been mentioned. 

We are pleased to inform that the ODR Common Portal named “SMART ODR” is now live and can be accessed through the URL: https://smartodr.in/login. However, for getting login access on said URL, Investment Advisers will be required to follow the below mentioned steps for registration and account verification :

All Investment Advisers (IAs) will receive an email from the SMART ODR Portal ([email protected]) for Account creation on SMART ODR Portal. The email shall contain the necessary procedure for account creation. The said email shall be sent by the SMART ODR portal to the registered email ID user as available in record of BASL. The said user will be considered as the Primary Contact and his/her email ID will be considered the primary Email ID.


  1. The email sent by SMART ODR will have a button which reads “Verify Email” which needs to be clicked on. After clicking on said link, IA will be redirected to the SMART ODR Portal wherein IA will be required to set a Password after accepting the terms and conditions of the portal.
  2. On accepting the terms and conditions and confirming the password, the account will be verified. An email with a link to the Terms and Conditions will be sent to the respective email ID’s for this purpose.
  3. Post verification, the Primary Contact user can then complete the login procedure on the SMART ODR Portal. In order to successfully login to the SMART ODR Portal, IA’s will have to visit https://smartodr.in/odr/login . IA’s are requested to click on “Intermediary Login” which is an option available next to the SMART ODR Portal Logo on the website. Upon successful login after two factor authentication [Password and OTP generated to email], the taskbar on the left hand side of the portal will contain a profile icon alongside the name of the stakeholder and their respective organisation. 
  4. On clicking to it another page will get open wherein the User Management is visible. IA user can see all users of the organization and can invite additional Users by clicking to Add User inside User Management. Once a user is invited, they will receive an email to verify their account. Only upon verification of their account they will get added as user.
  5. Investment Advisers are hereby advised to complete the entire registration procedures within the timelines as prescribed in SEBI circular dated July 31, 2023, as per Clause 47 (a).

In case of any issues during account creation, please email at [email protected] or contact on the helpline number +91- 8105148710.

Investment Advisers are advised to take note of the same and comply with the same.


For and on behalf of BSE Administration & Supervision Ltd.




      Manjiri Nimkar                                     Pratik Rathod                                                   

Associate Manager                                 Assistant Manager