FAQs – Payment of Renewal Fees

1. I am a MIRSD Intermediary (Direct). How do I know the renewal fees amount to be paid?

Kindly refer to Schedule II in ‘Intermediary-Specific’ Regulations available on the following link for the details on fees to be paid:

https://www.sebi.gov.in/sebiweb/home/HomeAction.do?doListing=yes&sid=1& ssid=3&smid=0

2. After having ascertained the amount, how do I make the payment?

Kindly log in to the SI Portal to make the payment.

3. I do not remember my login id. How do I make the payment?

Kindly send a request to [email protected] and /or [email protected] to provide you with the login id and also make a mention of your SEBI registration number.

4. Once I have logged in to SI Portal, how do I make a payment?

The link of the payment 6 months prior to the end date of the block shall be visible in the notifications section.

Kindly click on the same and make the payment through Payment Gateway. On the payment gateway, thereare 2 modes of payment that can be used to pay fees on the SI Portal.

1. DD:

Select “DD” and add the details of the same in the fields so provided. Click on to the add button and the details should be saved in the application. Once the same are saved, please press the submit button and an application number will be generated. On successful submission of the application, you should be getting a message to that effect. 

2. Online:

2.1 On selecting the online option and clicking on “Pay Now”, applicant will be redirected to the payment gateway 

2.1.1 There are 3 modes of Payment here:

i. Debit Card/Debit Card + ATM PIN: applicant has to enter the card details and ATM PIN (or) OTP depending on the option selected.

ii. Internet Banking: applicant can login to internet banking through Payment Gateway and pay the fees

iii. NEFT/RTGS: Upon selecting this option, a challan will be generated with the instructions for payment. Applicant has to approach their branch and pay the fees within 2 days.

Kindly send a request to [email protected] and /or [email protected] if you have not received any payment link along with screenshots of the same.

6. I wish to make payment through NEFT. I have an old account no provided by SEBI. Can I make the payment there without using Payment Gateway on the SI Portal?

No, SEBI does not permit direct transfers into bank account. Kindly choose NEFT option in the Payment Gateway. Post that, a ‘Challan’ will be generated automatically. Kindly take the same to your bank and make the requisite payment.

7. I wish to make payment through DD. Will just physically sending the DD suffice?

No, in case of payment through DD, you need to choose option as DD in the Payment Gateway and fill in the details of the DD in that application. No DD shall be processed without a corresponding application online.

If the Division concerned in MIRSD does not receive the online application within 10 working days from the date of submission of the DD towards renewal fees to SEBI, the DD shall be returned back at the address mentioned in your covering letter without any reminder from SEBI. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to make an online application of the renewal of fees.

8. How much time does it take to realise the payment made?

In case the payment of fees is made using the online option, the payment confirmation takes 24-48 hours, post which you will get an email confirming the payment. The application will be auto-submitted and the task will be closed.

However, in case payment is made through DD, the payment shall be confirmed within 7 working days of the receipt of DD by the Division.

Since, the payment confirmation is much faster when payments are made through NEFT or Online Transfer, SEBI prefers that renewal fees is paid through Online Transfer.

9. Do I get a receipt or communication stating that the payment has been received?

No, MIRSD does not send any letter or correspondence stating that the payment has been received. However, once the payment is realized, a system generated mail is sent to the applicant stating that the payment is successful.

10. I have a certificate of limited validity. After payment of renewal fees, I wish to renew my certificate. What is the procedure?

Once the payment of fees has been realized through the Portal, you may send your original certificate to SEBI- Head Office address. Post that, a new certificate shall be issued to you.