Approval of existing advertisement(s)/ agreements issued by Investment Advisers (IA).

Notice Dated  :  03/07/2023

Sub. :  Approval of existing advertisement(s)/agreements issued by Investment Advisers (IA). 


Attention of the investment advisers is drawn to BASL notice no. 20230526-1 dated May 26, 2023 in respect to Advertisement code for Investment Advisers (IA).  

As informed in the aforesaid circular BASL member investment advisers may note that all existing advertisement(s)/agreements issued by IAs before May 01, 2023, (i.e., before the circular on advertisement code became applicable) are required to be approved from BASL. 

BASL member Investment Advisers have been provided time till August 01, 2023 for obtaining BASL approval of all such existing advertisement(s)/agreements. Accordingly, there shall be no unauthorized advertisements after August 01, 2023.  IAs are accordingly advised to get all their aforesaid existing advertisement(s)/ agreements approved from BASL till August 01, 2023.

In case of any clarifications, investment advisers may contact us on details given as under : 

Contact Nos.

022-2272 8688 / 2272 8817

For and on behalf of BSE Administration & Supervision Ltd.

Manjiri Nimkar                                         Pratik Rathod

Associate Manager                                 Assistant Manager