Notice No. : 20211130 – 1

Attention of market participants is drawn to SEBI circular no. SEBI/HO/IMD-1/DF9/P/CIR/2021/620 dated August 26, 2021 in context to modalities for implementation of the framework for Accredited Investors.

SEBI has granted recognition to BSE Administration and Supervision Ltd. (BASL) a wholly owned subsidiary of BSE Ltd. to carry out the activities of to act as an Accreditation Agency under Regulation 2(1)(aa) of SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012 read with SEBI circular SEBI/HO/IMD/IMD-I/DF9/P/CIR/2021/620 dated August 26, 2021 for a period of three years w.e.f. December 01, 2021.

In context to aforesaid the Standard Operating Procedure to be followed by BASL for (a) obtaining Accredited Investor Certification by prospective Accredited Investors (AIs) and (b) verification of BASL registered Accredited Investor Certification status by Investment Providers (IPs) is attached. 

BASL has developed an online portal facility for prospective AIs to apply for accredited investor certification. The online portals is available on BASL website (https://bseasl.com) wherein an option for “Accredited Investor Login” has been provided.

The user manual for forwarding applications to BASL on aforesaid portal is attached. Accredited Investors need to follow the process as detailed in the user manual for onward processing by BASL. Applicants are advised to read the user manual carefully before initiating the application / verification facility and all optional/mandatory membership details and self attested documents need to uploaded for onward processing to BASL. Applicants are advised to pre hand have the requisite documents (attached as Annexure -I, the said attachment is an indicative list and applicants may be required to
provide additional documents as may be specified by SEBI/BASL from time to time) at time of online.

The fees structure for certification of Accredited Investors and verification by Investment Providers shall be as under :

BASL Accredited Investor certification charges / fees :

Investor Category

Fees and Charges ( Rs.)*


BASL Processing


BASL Certification Fees

For One Year Tenure

For Two Year Tenure

Individuals, HUFs, Family Trusts and Sole Proprietorships,

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 9,500/-

Partnership Firms

Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 19,000/-

Trusts (other than family trusts)

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 28,500/-

Body Corporates

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 28,500/-

*plus taxes as applicable. Both Processing and Certification fees need to be paid at the time of submission of application. The Processing charges are non-refundable.

BASL Investment Provider confirmation charges of Accredited Investors :


A flat charge of Rs. 500/- plus applicable taxes per confirmation request placed by Investment provider on the BASL module shall be levied. Investment Providers can either opt for said flat fee charge per confirmation request or opt for non-refundable prepaid charges payment as per below slab for obtaining confirmations of accredited investors and replenish the said non- refundable prepaid charges when the same gets exhausted.

Sr. No.

No. of Accredited

Investors (AI) slab

BASL pre paid

charges* (Rs.)


Upto 100



Upto 250



Upto 500


*plus applicable taxes.


The relevant payment of fees/charges shall be done by Accredited Investors and Investment Providers vide the respective application module Accredited Investors and Investment Providers are advised to be careful while selecting their “Process Type” and “Fee Type ” field option.


In case of any clarification IAs/IPs may email on below mentioned email ids or contact following officials :

Email address details :

Applicant Type

Email id to which email be forwarded

Accredited Investors

[email protected]

Investment Providers

[email protected]

Contact details :

Name of Official

Contact No.

Ms. Shraddha Shah


Ms. Vidhi Rustagi


Ms. Manjiri Nimkar