Notice No. : 20220519-02                                                       Notice Dated : 19/05/2022

Sub. : BASL – Cyber Security Awareness Campaign Compliance Reporting.


All BASL enrolled member IAs are hereby advised to conduct Cyber Security Awareness campaign to all their employees, stakeholders and their clients. The Cyber Security Awareness Campaign may cover following sample domains / topics (but not limited to) :

  • Information Communications Technology (Systems, Software, Applications, Cloud, Appliance/ Network Devices Security)
  • Internet Services
  • Mobile App Security
  • Email Security
  • Financial Transaction Security
  • Social Media and Social Engineering
  • Secure usage of Systems, Applications, Facilities and Services
  • Data Security and Privacy

The awareness campaign may use various channels (but not limited to) like :

  • Classroom Session
  • Online Session / Webinar
  • Printed Material
  • Desktop Screensavers
  • Wallpapers
  • Learning Management Systems / Portals.


Investment Advisors are advised to prepare their plan of conducting the aforesaid Cyber Security Awareness among its employees, stakeholders and clients, and share the compliance report on or before September 30, 2022 in attached prescribed format (excel file) to BASL email id [email protected].

BASL IA members are advised to mention the subject of their email for aforesaid compliance reporting as “Cyber Security Awareness Compliance Reporting – BASL”

IA Member Name __________ BASL Member ID : ___________ .”
In case of any queries BASL IA members may reach out vide email to [email protected].

Format for compliance reporting